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“Japan Synergy Support” Supporting Multicultural Coexistence in Japan!


Japanese Language × Cultural Training × Coaching


As an organization, promoting multicultural coexistence creates opportunities for mutual learning within teams and nurtures a breeding ground for innovation. “Japan Synergy Support” is dedicated to enhancing the value of such multicultural coexistence, providing support for both non-Japanese employees and Japanese companies to grow and succeed together.

Recruiting foreign talent not only embraces diversity but also expands the organization’s knowledge base, sparks new ideas, and paves the path to business success. However, non-Japanese employees embarking on a new life in Japan encounter numerous challenges. With diverse cultural backgrounds, they must navigate language barriers as well as cultural and lifestyle differences to thrive in this new setting.
“Japan Synergy Support” aims to assist in surmounting these obstacles, helping foreign professionals adjust to both the business and social aspects of life in Japan, thereby realizing their utmost potential.

Our program encompasses cross-cultural adaptation, Japanese language instruction, and coaching. Participants engage in interactive sessions that delve into Japanese business etiquette, social norms, and traditional values, fostering the essential mindset for cross-cultural comprehension and acclimatization. Additionally,we offer daily life support and customized Japanese language programs catering to all levels, from beginners to advanced, enabling effective acquisition of practical conversational skills. This hands-on learning experience enhances life in Japan and boosts confidence in business situations.

Additionally, our program fosters collaborative learning and development via group sessions and peer coaching with shared objectives. Expert coaches assist in individual problem-solving, enabling continuous growth.

“Japan Synergy Support” strives to foster a creative and rewarding work environment, enhancing the success of businesses and the well-being of international employees in Japan. Our goal is to act as a conduit for growth and success, connecting foreign talent with Japanese companies.

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多文化共生を支援する「Japan Synergy Support」
多文化共生の促進は、組織内での相互学習、イノベーションの土壌を育みます。「Japan Synergy Support」は、このような多文化共生の価値を高め、外国人社員と日本企業が共に成長し、成功するためのサポートをいたします。

こうした壁を乗り越え、外国人人材が日本でのビジネスや生活に適応し、本来の力を発揮できるよう支援するためにつくられたのが「Japan Synergy Support」



#異文化研修 #日本語レッスン #コーチング

If you are interested in cross-cultural training, Japanese language lessons, or coaching, please feel free to contact us. 

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