Our Company 会社概要

"WA=和" means "Japan" and "harmony".
"RAKU=楽" means to "have fun" and to "be at ease".
<The two mottos of "WARAKU" >
・Connect Japan to the world and promote harmony
・Build a vision of the future by connecting people, having fun and being at ease
Respect your own roots while learning about others and respecting their cultures.
In an age of increased global connectivity and diversity, we want to minimize friction and increase understanding.
<「和楽」に込められた二つの思い >
<「和楽」に込められた二つの思い >

Logo ロゴについて


The colorfulness stands for the various cultures, languages, and values.
The visual of the birds forming a circle stands for the link created by relationships, harmony and the idea of paying it forward.


Vision ビジョン

Value individuality, embrace diversity, and co-create new values.
Create a culture where diversity and well-being are connected and circulated among people, organizations, and society.


Mission ミッション


Connecting people,
language and culture

Through communication,
understand culture, connect with people
around the world and create a future together.
Waraku Japan build a bridge
between Japan and the world.


Value バリュー

Enjoy challenges
Challenges are essential to building our future vision.
Embrace the cycle of challenge, learning and development.
Shiho-Yoshi / win-win
The Japanese phrase "Sanpo-Yoshi" means that any transaction should be a win for 3 parties: buyer, seller and society. (A mentality valued by the Omi merchants who were active from the Edo to Meiji periods) To the "Sanpo Yoshi" we add the mentality of creating a good future and value the mentality of "Shiho Yoshi/ win-win" for 4 ways.
The Three Principles of TAKUMI
*TAKUMI…master craftman
To conduct oneself at work as a craftsman approaches his craft
TAKUMI have 3 principles.
●「Tenacity / 執念
The tenacity to keep trying until successful. The spirit to keep on going in the face of adversity.
●「Care / 丹念
To put one's heart into his work by showing care and diligence in everything he does.
●「Passion / 情念
A houghtful and compassionate person. Understand others through communication and deliver a service with "love".

Message 代表あいさつ


Ayumi Maeda 前田 亜有実

As a Japanese instructor, I find the concept of "multicultural coexistence" to be crucial. Multicultural coexistence is defined as
"The idea that people of different nationalities and ethnicities coexist as part of a community by acknowledging cultural differences and establishing an equal footing."(From the 2006 "Report of the Promotion of Multicultural Coexistence" by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

To put in other words, I prefer "Harmony is not conformity" rather than "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

I believe in the importance of coexisting by accepting diversity and uniqueness. If we could all live under this idea, wouldn't the conflicts in the world disappear? World peace is created by our surroundings and by each person's awareness.

I find it important as a Japanese instructor to not only teach the rules of the language but also the cultural background and the understanding of the differences.It would be a great honor if the services of WARAKU Japan could contribute to personal, organizational, and global peace.


すべてがOne and Only、多様性を受け入れて共に生きることが大切だと思います。


About the President 代表プロフィール

After graduating from university, Ayumi worked at a construction firm where she experienced the importance of bringing a customer's vision to life.
As one of the few female Sales staff, she achieved status as the No.1 sales performer within the company.
After study abroad experiences in the U.S and Canada, and working in Australia, Ayumi learned the concept of global communication through the connection of Japan with the rest of the world.
Once she returned to Japan, she worked in project management and trading at a global company.

When the Great East Japan Earthquake happened, Ayumi felt the need as a Japanese person to ?"convey a message and make a connection between Japan and the world" for the future, and founded WARAKU Japan.
Currently, she teaches the importance of language and global communication as a Japanese instructor and also hosts Japanese cultural events to provide global cultural exchange.


東日本大震災を機に、日本人として未来のために”伝えていくこと””日本と世界をつなぐこと”をライフワークとし、和楽Japanを立ち上げる。 現在は、日本語講師として言葉、グローバルコミュニケーションの大切さを伝えるとともに、和文化体験や日本文化紹介イベントを開催し、グローバル交流の場を提供している。

Our Company 会社概要

Name WARAKU Japan LLC.
Founded April 2014
Tel 050-1584-1442
Email info@warakujapan.com
President Ayumi Maeda
Address 2F Meikou Building 1-17-13
Nishiki Naka-ku Nagoya, Aichi 460-0003
Services 1) Japanese Class
2) Cross-cultural Training
3) Event Planning
(Japanese culture & Cross-cultural events)
URL https://waraku-japan.com
会社の商号 和楽Japan合同会社
設立 2014年(平成26年)4月
Tel 050-1584-1442
Email info@warakujapan.com
代表者 前田 亜有実
住所 〒460-0003 愛知県名古屋市中区錦1-17-13 名興ビルディング2F
事業内容 (1)日本語クラス
URL https://waraku-japan.com
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