Student's Voice 受講生の声

Business Development Director,
American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

I gladly recommend Waraku Japan to those who are serious about improving their Japanese Language skills.
Their lessons are taught by experienced instructors.
Their online courses provide a flexible course around my work schedule.
Waraku Japan courses have helped me understand the fundamentals of modern business-level Japanese language.


Director, Relocation company リロケーション会社

My company has worked with WARAKU Japan for small group lessons as well as private lessons for our own staff.
They provide lessons for everything between daily conversation to preparation for the JLPT (Japanese language proficiency test) .
They are friendly, flexible, and professional. I would enthusiastically recommend Waraku Japan to anyone interested in improving their Japanese language ability.

WARAKU Japanにお世話になりました。
フレンドリーで、フレキシブルで、プロフェッショナルな方たちです。日本語習得に興味がある方は是非WARAKU Japanをお勧めします。

L.M. (Aviation company, U.S) 航空関係
アメリカ, L.M

We are very pleased with the Japanese lessons that you are providing.
As a result of these lessons, my ability to communicate with our Japanese colleagues has dramatically increased.
My language skills have improved more over the last few months, than the entire four years that I lived in Japan previously.?
My teacher’s preparedness is apparent by the effectiveness of each lesson.
She arrives each week prepared with notes from the previous lesson and concise goals for the current lesson.
When I am struggling with a concept, she always provides detailed explanations that greatly help my understanding.
I sincerely appreciate all of your support and look forward to working with you in the future!


J.S. (Aviation company, U.S) 航空関係
アメリカ J.S

My teacher demonstrates patience and optimism, understands when to give a gentle nudge, and leads a well-balanced lesson which, for me, creates a frustration-free experience.
WARAKU Japan shares a common vision and is guiding me to fulfill my Japanese proficiency goals.

WARAKU Japanと共通の意識を持っているため日本語の習得目標に近づいています。

R.M. (Automotive company, Mexico) 自動車関係
メキシコ R.M

I really like my Japanese lessons at WARAKU Japan.
Because they offer customized courses, flexible schedule and location.
By staying away from simply repeating textbook phrases that are not realistic nor useful, I am able to have very productive lessons because all my questions are answered.

WARAKU Japanの日本語クラスをとても気に入ってます。
以前通った語学学校では、パターン練習の繰り返しで実際の使い方が分からなかったり、疑問点を残したままでしたが、 毎回のレッスンで疑問点を解決し、実践的な会話を学べるとても生産的なレッスンです。

Private lesson: England, Shelley プライベートレッスン
イギリス シェリーさん

I love my Japanese lessons with my Sensei, she is so patient and professional and she makes learning fun.
She tailors my lessons to suit my pace and for how I will use the language. Her enthusiasm and encouragement keeps me motivated and ensures I always progress.
I'm so lucky to have her as my Sensei!

先生の熱意と激励のおかげでモチベーションを維持しながら上達することができます。 先生と出会えてよかったです!

Semi-private lesson: Czech Republic, Josef セミプライベートレッスン
チェコ ジョセフさん

Our teacher is super flexible!
Not only we could adjust the time for our lesson but we are able to change each lessons contents according to our actual needs while still keeping the original plan.
Finally everybody is happy - me, my wife and even my son!


Group lesson: Australia, Liz グループレッスン
オーストラリア リズさん

I was very lucky to be able to join WARAKU Japanese Classes, where I learnt Japanese language.
I also got to experience so many enjoyable Japanese cultural events, tea ceremony, Koto playing, Ikebana, Kimono Walk, Okou, Rakugo, Yukata party, Soba making and Calligraphy.
Sensei have enriched our lives, thank you for sharing your Japan with me.

WARAKU Japanの日本語クラスを受けることができてとてもラッキーでした。